The lab component of AP Chemistry is a significant part of the course. Below, you will find information on Laboratory Safety Rules, the general format to follow for writing Lab Reports, a sample lab report, and the lab handouts for the labs we will do this year. In case you lose any of these documents, you can print another one from this page.

Unit 1 Labs: Matter, Energy, & Measurement

Unit 2 Labs: Atomic Structure & Periodicity

Unit 3 Labs: Chemical Bonding

Unit 4 Labs: Nuclear Chemistry

Unit 5 Labs: States of Matter & Gases

Unit 6 Labs: Solutions

Unit 7 Labs: Reactions & Redox

Unit 8 Labs: Kinetics

Unit 10 Labs: Equilibrium & Acid-Base Chemistry

Unit 11 Labs: Thermodynamics

Unit 12: Organic Chemistry


Review Labs