AP Chemistry Topics

I. Matter, Energy, and Measurement
Practice Writing Binary Compound Formulas
Practice with Naming (formulas to names)
More Practice with Naming
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 1 *Interactive Quiz: Chapter 2*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 3
II. Atomic Theory & Periodicity
*Order of Removing Electrons from Positive Ions
*Quantum Numbers & Electron Configurations
Quantum Numbers Practice
*Interactive Quiz: Chapters 6 & 7
III. Chemical Bonding
Orbital Hybridization Practice
Interactive Quiz: Chapter 8*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 9
IV. Nuclear Chemistry
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 21
V. Solids, Liquids, Gases & IMF

Practice with the Ideal Gas Law
Practice using Graham's Law of Effusion
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 10*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 11
VI. Solutions

Solutions & Solubility Tutorial
Osmotic Pressure Practice
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 13
VII. Reactions & Electrochemistry

*Skip over Qs: n, o, t, u, v, x, y, dd, and ll*. All the rest, you should be able to do. Review the handouts from class to help with figuring them out.

*Interactive Quiz: Predicting Rxns
VIII. Kinetics

Rate Law Practice!
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 14
IX. Equilibrium & Acid-Base Chemistry

pH Calculations
Practice with LeChatlier's Principle
Q vs. K
Practice Calculating Keq
Practice Calculating Equilibrium Concentrations
Buffers & Concentration
Buffer Composition
Combining Equilibrium Expressions
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 16
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 15
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 17
XI. Thermodynamics (and Electrochemistry - revisited)
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 19
*Interactive Quiz: Chapter 20
XII. Organic Chemistry
Selected Topics in Chemistry