Regents Exam Review

Every student taking Regents Chemistry is expected to take the 3-hour Regents Exam in June. The exam is formatted as follows:
  • Part A 30 multiple choice questions
  • Part B 20 multiple choice questions

  • Part B-1 15 short answer questions

  • Part C ~ 20 short answer questions

Regents Review Sessions

  • TBA

The Regents Chemistry Exam:

What to bring:

  • #2 pencils

  • pens

  • a SCIENTIFIC calculator (no graphing calculators)

  • a well-rested, well-fed brain

Review Resources! You should begin reviewing for the Regents Exam NOW! Below are some helpful links.

***Regents Exams with Answer Keys***

Take these actual Regents exams and check your score using the answer key provided

*Rosengarten's Regents Review VIDEOS*

  • This website contains short (4 to 10 minute) videos done by an award-winning chemistry teacher in New York State.
  • He covers ALL the topics on the Regents Exam and does sample problems as well.
  • If you watch THREE of these videos every night (less than half an hour) starting on Monday, May 2, you will have reviewed everything you need to know for the Regents Exam.
  • Consistent studying is much easier than trying to "cram" right before the exam.

Regents Chemistry Prep

Click here for interactive multiple-choice questions on topics in Regents Chemistry. Answers and explanations provided!

Chem Quizzes

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