Regents Chemistry Topics

1. Scientific Method & Measurement

2. Matter & Energy
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 2
3. Atoms, Ions, & Isotopes
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 3
VIDEO: Powers of Ten and The Size of the Atom
4. The Periodic Table
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 4
The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements - what all thematter on Earth is made of! Click on the table to learn more aboutspecific elements!

5. Bonding
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 5

Video: Chemical Bonding
Video: Ionic & Covalent Compounds
Link: More Practice With Electron Dot Structures!
6a. Chemical Formulas & Equations
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 6a
6b. Stoichiometry
Quizlet Vocab: Unit 6b

Video: "Rock Me Avogadro"
Link: Limiting Reactants Simulation (Reactants, Products, and Leftovers)
7. Gases

Video: Balloon Animals in Liquid Nitrogen!
8. Thermochemistry
Interactive States of Matter Animation Click here to see how the particles in solids, liquids, and gases move!
9. Solutions

10. Acids & Bases

Online Titration Lab

11. Kinetics & Equilibrium

=Video describing activation energy and potential energy diagrams=

12. Redox & Electrochemistry

Excellent Voltaic Cells Site

13. Organic Chemistry

14. Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry Site
Go here! This site contains a good overview of nuclear chemistry with Practice Regents Questions to work on (to see the answers, highlight the space after the arrow)